Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Burning Up with FERVoR

So it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and I do apologize to you guys for that. I'm still recuperating from my car accident, and even as I type now I have a really bad pain in my left arm. I'm sure it'll go away though. I want to just give you all a heads up: your waiting hasn't been in vain. Last weekend I purchased my own domain, so in a few months after I get my site built and up and running, New Rock News 43 will be on a whole new level. Interviews, videos, articles, and whatever else comes to mind, that's what's in store for you guys. So just bear with me a little while longer and I promise that the result will be well worth the wait. But as I've decided you guys have waited long enough for a new group, here you are, a new one to sink your teeth into. And I promise that with these guys I haven't shorted you guys in any way.
FERVoR is an alternative-rock trio from right here in Atlanta, and was also a finalist in the same contest as The Swear to play an awesome show with Three Days Grace, Seether and Chevelle. Composed simply of Low Kung (vocals and guitar), Nate Sturge (bass) and Justin Little (drums), FERVoR has a unique alternative sound that bleeds through the speakers and resonates with my now-satiated eardrums.
I know it's been weeks since I gave you guys anything of consequence, so I'm just gonna launch straight into it. The first song I listen to from FERVoR's playlist is their new single "Habitual." Right from the start, Little's drums rope me in, and Kung's guitar riff and voice set a spark for what will surely be a blazing track by the final minute. Sturge's bass, though, doesn't fade into the background, like so may bassists do today. His notes are clearly present for those who listen for them, and it's no secret that without him, the song would drop out during the verses and bridge. The guitar riffs by Kung are brilliant, simple and totally catchy. With a blast-ahead chorus containing sing-along lyrics and drums that you can't not bang your head to, "Habitual" is definitely one of my new favorite songs for this week. I know I took less time dissecting this song that I have in the past with others, but this song really speaks for itself. An awesome track, and a hit single I'd bet my guitar on, "Habitual" is not a song that will quickly be forgotten by the alternative scene.
The second track for me is "Your Words," a complete departure from "Habitual," yet that's what makes FERVoR so awesomely versatile. The way Kung's guitar fits with Sturge's bass over Little's drums is brilliant in my head. With a stop/start sense of direction in an anthemic chorus, "Your Words" is a mix of raw emotion and musicality that border on the edge of an organized chaos. The only way I could describe this song is with my own term: romantcore (haha, and yes, this is my own term, so when it catches on, you know where it started). A brutal sense of heartache bashed forward from Little's snare and cymbals, and driven to new heights on the backs of Sturge's bass notes and Kung's swaying guitar jams, "Your Words" is one to listen to if you're looking for something that is just completely different from anything out there. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs from a new group I've reviewed.
The last track I go after is "Scorpio," and I've already listened to this track ten times over. Kung starts this one with a trippy guitar progression, and soon Little is in on the snare and toms before tearing it up on the cymbals in the chorus. Sturge isn't absent though, and during the times that the song slows a bit for the verses and mini-bridges, his bass notes blast right through your head. Kung's vocals make this one a clear five-star track, and it's one that just resonates with me. Personally, I particularly love the use of feedback in the background. This was the best last song I could listen to right now (though the other two they have up, "The Wake" and "Born Dead," are pretty intense too), and if and when I go see these guys, I definitely hope it's on their setlist.
FERVoR is an alternative underground force to be reckoned with. Trust me, these guys will be so big in the underground in a few months that it'll totally blow your mind. Go out and check these guys out, they definitely aren't one you want to miss.

Sounds Like: Chevelle, Seether, 3 Doors Down

Key Tracks from Life Verses: "Habitual," "Your Words," Scorpio," "The Wake"

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