Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Track with Radio Racer

It's been about a week since I posted a new article, but I promise it's because I've been looking for a sick new group for you guys. And I think I've succeeded. My parents always told me do something right, or don't do it at all, and these guys must have grown up with the same morals, because they know how to rock the hell out of their instruments, and the minute I heard them I knew they'd be next on my blog.
So give it up, because here's Radio Racer, an awesome new group out of San Diego, California that blends indie pop instrumentation with pop-punk-style vocals to deliver a truly unique sound. Composed of Nick, Troy, Johnny, and Dylan, Radio Racer rests its head upon slick melodies driven by smooth guitar and sleek piano notes. 
The first song I listen to from their album My Island is "My Average Life," a smooth, pop-oriented song that is just what I want to hear today. After a real shitty couple of weeks, this upbeat song is something that has the power to just make me smile. The guitar and piano are fantastic, melodic and driving, and the drums and bass are easy, yet strong enough to really move the song along. But something else that really makes this song shine, along from a pretty cool music video, are incredibly insightful and catchy lyrics. Bordering on the catchiness that was evident in Owl City's "Fireflies," "My Average Life" has lyrics and vocal melodies that just stick in your head all day. This is one which Troy, Johnny, Nick, and Dylan clearly shine on in their talent, and I'd love to see these guys whenever they come to Atlanta. 
Track two is "Broken Hearts," a slower, piano-driven song that is easy and melodic with a pop sensibility that just works well with all the other elements of the song. Where "My Average Life" was quick and indie-pop designated for jumping and rocking, "Broken Hearts" is a beautiful ballad that is comical in its use of the accordion, making me believe more and more that I'm listening to a track from a French group with sitting, sipping red wine under the Eiffel Tower. A fantastic flip-side to the previous song's anthemic choruses. "Broken Hearts" is a great track because of its slow pace. I wouldn't change anything about this track.
Though I usually don't stop at just two tracks, I decided to mix it up a little today. I want to get you guys more into this, more participatory. You'll have to go listen to the rest of these guys' amazing songs for yourself. So get up off your butts and go check these guys out, they're an awesome indie-pop group that demand your attention. Awesome job guys, first place goes to Radio Racer.

Sounds Like: All Time Low, Mayday Parade, You Me At Six

Key Tracks from My Island: "My Average Life," "Broken Hearts"

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