Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Periscope!

Last night was a bit surreal; I was way overtired, but couldn't sleep, and as a regular insomniac, I did what I usually do in those kinds of situations: I looked for awesome new music. And may I say, I definitely found it. I came across some incredible bands that I'll be reviewing here in my next few posts, so you guys better keep reading, because I have a slew of all-new, awesome bands that deserve your undivided attention and recognition.
The first of these new giants that I'll debut here are out of Seattle, Washington, and won't stop until they take over your mind and body. But a far-flung cry from Seattle's grunge giants Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, Go Periscope delivers unbelievably catchy synth beats and notes that just invade your mind and pervade your soul. A dynamic duo of Florin Mehedinti (vocals and keys) and Joshua Frazier (vocals, keys, and guitars), Go Periscope have started cementing a name for themselves in the Northwest with hardcore touring and loyal fans. The group's self-titled debut contains 15 synth-poppy tracks that rock in every way pop and electronica can. Yet there's something different about these guys. Groups who deal in heavy electronica need something that sets them apart from everyone else, lest they sound too much like their peers, and Go Periscope have that extra "it" factor that tells you they refuse to be the same as anyone else. So let's dive in then, and let me show you just what is so sick about this periscope.
The first track I listen to from the album is "Crush Me," an easy track that boasts distorted vocals and a strong synth-line. The combined vocals of Mehedinti and Frazier work so well together it's amazing; it's like having surround-sound because the voices come from everywhere. Mehedinti's keys drip in gothic-industrial coarseness, and Frazier's keys and light guitar notes bring the sound home in a ballpark homerun. These guys are so difficult to compare to anyone today because they incorporate such a wide array of electronic influences, but if I were hard pressed, think Owl City's melodic and catchy vocals with Savage Garden's rocking synths and rhythms, and maybe you can get close. This is clearly one of GP's five-star songs on the record, period.
Track two for me is "Emily." Now for me personally, to hear a song with the title "Emily," that always speaks to me in the form of Bowling for Soup's "Emily" from their sick breakthrough album Drunk Enough to Dance. But here GP take the title to a new level and give it new meaning. "Emily" is a synth-poppy ballad that just bathes in romance and pop-sensibility. Frazier and Mehedinti totally nail the vocals here, breathing in sultry voices to pile on the romance and emotion and it's almost like they're here in the room with me. Now, solely as a music fan, that speaks to me, because it sounds like these guys are playing live right in front of me, and that's a five-star track on my list easy. The rhythm is slow, and for all you guys out there looking for the perfect song woo your girls with, this is it. The melody, the keys and notes, works so well with Mehedinti's and Frazier's voices that it's like the whole song is one entity, and that's the ultimate product when you're listening to a song. Incredible track. 
The last song for me is "Take It Personal." This one leans more to the Savage Garden sound than perhaps the Owl City influence. Though the rhythm is a little more electronica than Savage Garden was, the hardcore synths and strong vocals remind me easily of "Break Me Shake Me" and "To the Moon & Back." Now, no one sounds exactly like Savage Garden, and I wouldn't want them to. But Go Periscope just totally break through that wall of being "some electronica band with a cool sound" to being "Go Periscope, a sick new force to reckoned with out of Seattle." Anyone who's looking for a killer dance song, by the way, this is it. Turn the music up, turn the lights down, and turn the strobes on because this is one that'll tear up the dancefloor. 
Go Periscope are set to be featured on MTV's The Real World, but remember you heard about them here first. Now get up off your asses and go check out this amazing synth-pop group. You won't be sorry.

Sounds Like: Owl City, Savage Garden, NeverShoutNever!

Key Tracks from Go Periscope: "Crush Me," "Emily," "Take It Personal," "No Chaser," "Breathe Deception"


  1. i love these boys! awesome post! i'm gonna start reading your blog :)


  2. Hi,

    really a review that's hitting the nail. I learned about GP some months ago and couldn't wait for their album, which, when it finally was published blew my mind. Such a great piece of music.
    BTW, when looking for something to compare those cool guys' music with, Owl City would be one of my first choices, too. But GP really have another twist in their music making it really unique.

  3. Wow, impressive review! You describe Go Periscope so well, I have never heard them called the combination of Owl City and Savage Garden, but that's great.

  4. owl city + tiesto + metro station + 3oh!3 = go periscope :)


  5. thanks for the comments guys. it means a lot :)


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