Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's a Big If

So, fans of both Yellowcard and Reeve Oliver who are salivating at the mouths for new material are having to content themselves with already released albums (and I know because I'm a massive Yellowcard fan). However, it's recently come to my attention that Ryan Key the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Yellowcard has united with Sean O'Donnell of the pop punk band Reeve Oliver in a new project called Big If. While both Key and O'Donnell have reassured their fans that neither of their bands are breaking up, they've stated that they just are trying something new for a while.
But this is not an entry about Yellowcard or Reeve Oliver, it's about Big If. So with Key on lead vocal duties and guitar, and O'Donnell on guitar, Big If actually has a great pop punk sound. The band has released four new tracks on their myspace all of which I've listened to and all of which I will vouch for. These new tracks are awesome. My personal favorites are "Triple Please" and "When," but "Bug Light" and "Bunny and Me" are starting to grow on me fast. If you haven't heard these guys, or these new tracks yet, get over to their Myspace and check them out. Both Yellowcard and Reeve Oliver fans will be satisfied with the music their frontmen are making during this downtime, and new fans will be made, enlarging both Yellowcard's and Reeve Oliver's fan bases when they pick up again. In the mean time, listen to these new songs. Great melodies, great lyrics, great guitar, great songs.

Sounds Like: Yellowcard, Reeve Oliver

Key Tracks from Big If's new demo: "Triple Please," "When," "Bug Light," "Bunny and Me"

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