Monday, July 6, 2009

Flying Jet Lag Gemini

Alright, so if you haven't heard of these guys, have no fear, you will. These guys were the opening band for when I went and saw The All-American Rejects in concert, and while I love the Rejects, these guys completely stole the show. They were so awesome, both me and my friend went home that night and listened to and bought their album. Just straight forward good pop-punk rock n' roll. Comprised of Misha Safonov (lead vocals and guitar), Vlad Gheorghiu (guitar and backing vocals), Matt Gheorghiu (bass and backing vocals) and Dan DeLiberto (drums), Jet Lag Gemini (who take their name from the popular Nintendo game Jet Force Gemini) are on their way, and nothing's gonna stop this jet traveling at mock 12.

With the release of their first album Fire the Cannons, these guys show they mean business. And listening to the album gets better each time. Some albums are exciting for a week, and then it wears off. Not this one. I listen to it, and it still sounds fresh and new. From the awesome tracks of "Run This City" and "Bittersweet" to "Fit to Be Tied" and "Every Minute," Fire the Cannons is full of sick guitar solos and ear-catching riffs, great bass lines, and heart-pounding drumming. If you haven't heard it yet, you have to hear this album. It's gonna be big, just give it time. Meanwhile, treat your ears to an all-new sound, go out and get this album, these guys are on their way up.

Sounds Like: Sum 41, Blink-182, American Hi-Fi

Key Tracks from Fire the Cannons: "Run This City," "Bittersweet," "Fit to Be Tied," "Stepping Stone," "Every Minute"

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