Saturday, June 18, 2011

List for the Insomniac

As I struggle with insomnia all the time, I've decided tonight to start a feature called List for the Insomniac. Every few nights or so (or whenever I can't sleep) I'll publish a list of the must-hear underground songs and artists that are filling the speakers in my room as I sit up and count the seconds to dawn. Enjoy guys, these are definitely some tunes that are must-hear songs, so why not listen when you can't sleep? After all, there's no time like the present!

June 18, 2011  --  1:05 A.M.

1. Rest in Peace (RIP) - Cloé Beaudoin
2. Crash -  Fit For Rivals
3. Dreaming - Have You Seen My Ghost
4. Tyranny of Saints - Tetrarch
5. Unstoppable - Almost Kings
6. The City That Never - The Swear
7. What Is It with Me - The Orkids
8. Tek No - Lost In Atlantis
9. Journey into Doubt - Into the Night
10. Photograph - The Riot Tapes

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