Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spotlight Break: Carrying On with TheFlashJam

With a brand new layout for their Myspace page an a new song to set things off with a bang, TheFlashJam returns to NewRockNews43 with a new sound, but with the same energy that they graced us with last time. At their last stop, TheFlashJam broke through the NRN43 barrier with their unbelievably catchy song, "Caught on the Dancefloor." Now with their new song "Carry On," TFJ are continuing their synth-pop assault on the world, albeit in a new way.
"Carry On" is a bit of a departure for TFJ, leaning more towards a soft epic ballad than a dance-pop hit that led me to discover them in the first place. Yet it seems that TheFlashJam have prepared themselves for this new direction, and the transition is smooth and seamless. Jamie McLean's vocals are heartfelt and just a little ragged around the edges, owing to real emotion beneath the surface. With bass lines that keep TFJ's dance-pop past lit up, Brody Krock is great here, and coupling himself nicely with Oliver Banjac's guitar chords, makes this one a great song to listen to. Stefan Candie's key strokes augment the melody in Mclean's voice with a pop ease and polish, lending to McLean extra melody where others fall through.
An epic departure from what struck me about these guys in the first place, "Carry On" is a slamdunk for TheFlashJam, showing that they can write ballads just as much as catchy dance songs. Can't wait to hear more from this Canadian flash-bang of a band.

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