Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow and Get the Word Out!!

Hey guys, hope you've all been doing well. I have a bunch of awesome new groups coming up for you in the coming weeks, but we'll get there in a few days. I promise they'll all be well worth the wait.
Now though, I wanted to let you all know how stoked I get when I see you guys reading more and more of my articles. It started with a few readers here in the States, some in the U.K., and some here and there in Australia and Canada. Now, I'm more than pleased to report to all you out there that New Rock News 43 is getting hits from Japan, Hungary, Russia, Thailand, India, and Germany, among numerous other countries. You guys are just as much to credit as anyone, because without you guys spreading the word out there, New Rock News 43 wouldn't be anywhere near what it's becoming, and I am very excited for the numerous possibilities I see in the future.
If any of you guys out there find yourselves reading almost weekly (and even better if it's almost daily), then sign up and follow New Rock News 43 on Facebook and Twitter for immediate updates on new artists, new happenings, and anything else cool. Also, make sure you follow here, on New Rock News 43's Blogspot, for the newest article updates. Follow on Facebook here:!/pages/New-Rock-News-43/298475705042 and here on Twitter:
Once again, I thank you all so much, and I would just lastly like to take this short post to remind you guys to make any comments you want. It helps me every time you post a comment, so don't feel shy, and let me know what you'd like to see more of, hear more of, or just let me know if you're really diggin' any particular article. My email is posted, and you are all more than welcome to send me one whenever you like, and if any of you are aspiring artists, send me some demos or a Myspace address and I'll most certainly take a look.
Thank you for all your support guys, wouldn't be able to do it without you! Peace!!

Follow New Rock News 43 on Facebook here:!/pages/New-Rock-News-43/298475705042

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