Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have You Seen My Ghost?

It's been just over two weeks since I last gave you guys a new band and I for that do apologize. Things have been crazy, so I hope you won't hold it against me, but just to let everyone know what exactly has been so crazy, I GOT INTO BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY! It's been a hard college application process, but guys, if you set your mind to something, nothing can get in your way. Hopefully this means I'll be writing you guys new articles from Boston next year, but we'll just have to wait and see.
Anyway, I'm trying to find new ways to expand New Rock News 43, and some ideas that are coming to mind are interviews and a new site. While it's still on the drawing board, if I do get my own domain I'll be sure to let you all know, and rest assured it'll definitely rock and certainly be worth the wait.
First though, I know you guys are all salivating at the mouth for someone new to check out, so here's my update for tonight. Also, let me say that the Red Jumpsuit/Fit For Rivals show was AMAZING. An awesome headliner with great opening bands, this show was definitely one to see, so if the tour's coming anywhere near you, I highly recommend going. One of the things that was a pleasant surprise was one of the opening acts on the bill: Have You Seen My Ghost. Now, I went to see Red Jumpsuit and Fit For Rivals (who I met and are by the way awesome guys (and girl) and gave a sick performance), but Have You Seen My Ghost themselves gave a great set, and just really impressed me.
If I were pressed, I'd describe their music as somewhat of a mix between emo-punk and and screamo-rock. Just an interesting blend in itself. Consisting of members Lee (bass and vocals), Grayson (guitar and vocals) and Eric (drums), HYSMG come from right here in Marietta, Georgia, and are definitely a different flavor of rock for you. That's one of my golden rules though, like I keep repeating here: I want something that's different. Make me love you, or make me hate you; either one is better than just being mediocre.
After releasing the Red and White EP's, HYSMG released the Black EP in late 2009, and that's the one I'll be talking about today. Consisting of three songs, it's a short and powerful zap to my system. The first song I listen to from the Black EP is "Gravity," a curious track that falls somewhere between emo-pop and hardcore punk rock. The song readily starts with a heavily melodic guitar note section as the rhythm section provided by Lee and Eric just smacks you around in the best way possible. Grayson's guitar, meanwhile, is ambient, plucking notes that have amazing staying power in my mind. Then there is the unique vocal dynamic between Grayson and Lee: rather than the traditional, Blink-182-style dynamic, they both do soft and hardcore vocals, and the song definitely benefits because of it. One other aspect of this song I absolutely love is its change in pace and rhythm. Moving away from the regular pop-song format, HYSMG change it up using the Pixies' quiet/loud dynamic, and it is just a song that keeps me on the edge of my seat. I love it.
Track two is "Goodbye My Friend." This one is just as melodic as the first, but in a slower kind of way. Grayson's guitar is so eerie, and Lee's bass is powerful enough to drive the whole song. Eric's drums, meanwhile, scale themselves back a bit, and the song just launches into a blasting, powerful chorus. This song is incredibly catchy, and I just know it's going to stick in my head all night. The vocals are stripped down, but still raw enough to really feel the emotion, and like its predecessor, "Goodbye My Friend" makes fantastic uses of changes of rhythm and tone. Definitely not a filler track on this EP.
The last song I listen to, and indeed the last one on the EP is appropriately titled "The End." As the song begins, immediately it's an acquired taste. Lee's and Grayson's vocals are harsh and unforgiving, already baring to me the emotional feel that I'm going to get from the song. I love it. The drums and bass are hardcore, and the guitar is searing in its approach. I feel like I did when I heard Slayer and Pantera for the first time. A far-flung differentiation from The Doors' "The End," HYSMG inject this track with some death-metal vocals that are counterbalanced by smooth, emo-pop voices. A truly unique take on what hardcore emo can be. Do I love the song? I don't know, but I love that it's something new and abnormal. And while Eric's drums and Lee's bass pound along in an unforgiving way, Grayson's guitar chords are creepy as hell and surreal, and if you're looking for a song to totally uproot everything you know, or think you knew, about punk and metal, this is it.
This EP is amazing, and the fact that Have You Seen My Ghost can do more with three songs than many people can do with eleven is a testament to how creative these guys truly are. Not to mention the fact that these guys gave a great show. That's just icing on the cake. If you're looking for a new group who are constantly pushing the boundaries on their sound, I highly recommend checking these guys out. They're definitely not a group you can become bored with. Fantastic.

Sounds Like: Alexisonfire, Gallows, Pixies, Slayer

Key Tracks from the Black EP: "Gravity," "Goodbye My Friend," "The End"

Check out Have You Seen My Ghost more at: http://www.myspace.com/haveyouseenmyghost and http://www.purevolume.com/haveyouseenmyghost

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